Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions regarding kitesurflessons near Amsterdam? Contact us through e-mail or phone. Below you will find most frequently asked questions.

We provide all the kitegear you need for your lesson. You can wear a bikini / swimming trunks under your wetsuit. It is also useful to have a drink and to bring something to snack.
Where the kite lessons take place depends on the wind. All locations are within an hour drive from Amsterdam. The location depends on the wind direction which will discuss before the lesson in consultation with you! We teach at the following locations:

• Zandvoort aan zee
• Wijk aan zee
• Ijmuiden aan zee
• Schellinkhout
• Muiderberg
Send an email to and we will plan the lesson when it suits you. Depending on the wind, we give lessons on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! The season runs from March up to and including October.
Of course! The more people learn kite surfing, the more fun! When booking you can indicate with whom you want to take lessons. You will automatically be placed in the same group.
On average, people take 4 to 5 lessons. Everyone learns at their own pace. If you learn quickly, you will need fewer lessons.
Absolutely, you will often master flying the kite during the first lesson. Then follows the proper steering of the kite and at the same time trying to ride the board. This often succeeds in the third lesson.
No, you can schedule the kitesurfing lessons as you wish. Some students took kitesurfing lessons months or years ago. But you can also plan all kitesurfing lessons immediately after each other. So you are always welcome!
Of course! Request a giftcard through our website and we will be in touch as soon as possible!