Wijk aan Zee

Kitesurfles in Wijk aan Zee

Kiwi Kite kitesurflessen geeft les in Wijk aan Zee near the bunker. In the summer there is often a south-westerly wind, making Wijk aan Zee a suitable place to learn kite surfing. Wijk aan Zee is a good place with south-westerly winds because of the location of the pier. The waves and currents are broken by this, creating a perfect sea for a kitesurfing lesson. The beach is very large in Wijk aan Zee, giving you plenty of space to learn kiteboarding.

From Amsterdam you can drive to the kite surfing location in Wijk aan Zee in about 30-40 minutes. Wijk aan zee is one of the six locations where Kiwi Kite provides kite surfing lessons in consultation with you.

  • 30 – 40 minuten rijden vanaf Amsterdam
  • Suitable for a southwesterly wind
  • Long coast
  • Kitesurfles in Wijk aan Zee inclusief kitegear
  • Privé en duo-les mogelijk

Interesse in een les kitesurfen in Wijk aan Zee of een andere locatie? Neem contact us.