Kitesurfles Schellinkhout

Schellinkhout is suitable for many wind directions (south-west, south, west, south-east) and you can stand everywhere. With south-western winds it is a stable landward breeze and very suitable for learning to kitesurf. If the wind is too strong for a kitesurfing lesson at sea, we can also go to Schellinkhout. Here you always have flat water and the wind is often not as strong as at the coast. From Amsterdam it takes about 45 minutes to get to the kitesurf location in Schellinkhout. Schellinkhout is one of the six locations where Kiwi Kite provides kitesurfing lessons in consultation with you.

  • Approximately 40-45 minutes drive from Amsterdam
  • Suitable for kitesurfing in many wind directions (southwest, south, west, southeast)
  • Altijd vlak water, minder harde wind
  • Kitesurfles in Zandvoort inclusief kitegear
  • Privé en duo-les mogelijk

Interesse in een les kitesurfen in Schellinkhout of een andere locatie? Neem contact op. Zie ook de Frequently Asked Questions.